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The Visit

June 02 @ 12:00 am - June 02 @ 12:00 am

Having premiered at the Dublin Theatre Festival in 2021, 'The Visit' written by esteemed playwright Deirdre Kinahan is the story of a woman named Rose who opens up her front door to find a world of new possibilities, after the death of her dominating and deeply controlling husband. “The Visit is a play about resilience. It’s a play about reaching back out into the joy of life. It is a one-woman odyssey complete with ukulele, laughter, cowboy hats and cactus that audiences will really enjoy … but there is a tragic truth at the heart of it which will linger … giving us all something to think about.”, commented the writer, Deirdre Kinahan. A funny, heart-warming and touching exploration of a hidden social reality we are only beginning to understand, The Visit is adventurous and brave, taking us on a journey with Rose, as she gets back into her community and begins meeting new people again.

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