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The Star on our Doorstep with Brendan Owens | International Dark Sky Week 2021

April 11 @ 07:00 pm - April 11 @ 08:00 pm

Sunday 11th April - Host location Inishturk Island Brendan Owens - The Star on Our Doorstep While the night sky in dark sky locations has thousands of stars on show to the naked eye, the star we can explore best dominates the daytime sky instead: our Sun. Join astronomer Brendan Owens on a whirlwind voyage across time and space to hear how humans have built up their understanding of the Sun. From object of worship to finding out how a star works and discovering its complex effects felt on planet Earth, it’s a slow-burn tale of scientific discovery! Brendan Owens is a passionate science communicator with a keen interest in and knowledge of astronomy and physics. Currently Astronomer Emeritus for the Royal Observatory Greenwich and Open Science Coordinator at Science Gallery in Trinity College Dublin, Brendan prides himself on weaving fascinating stories to share his passion for science with school and public audiences alike. @brendan_owens (Twitter), @brendan.owens3 (Instagram)

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