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Lorcán Mac Mathúna - The Meaning of Life: seeking clues in traditional music.

December 01 @ 12:00 am

“Here we have our present age … bent on the extermination of myth. Man today, stripped of myth, stands famished among all his pasts and must dig frantically for roots” - Friedrich Nietzsche; The Birth of Tragedy Traditional singer, Lorcán Mac Mathúna, is joined with Eamonn Galldubh (pipes), Martin Tourish (piano accordion), and Daire Bracken (fiddle), to explore the beauty and mythology of Irish folk and music traditions The historical and cultural landscape in which we dwell is not just a topography of features and totems, it is also a place in which peoples feet thread. It is a living landscape, and the Irish words Béaloideas and Dinnseanchas describes how people live within it. We dig deep into this landscape of the imagination to uncover the psychology of mythmaking and what the recurring narratives of the song and folklore tell us about our search for meaning.

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