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An evening of literature with Jan Carson and Eithne Shortall at Tertulia Bookshop, Westport

July 08 @ 12:00 am - July 08 @ 12:00 am

Acclaimed Irish Authors Jan Carson and Eithne Shortall at Tertulia for an evening of literature, chat and glass of wine: Can something come from nothing? The Creative Process Join us at the Bookshop on Friday 8th July at 7pm. In partnership with the Philosopher’s Hat Club and Creative Together, TErtulia Bookshop present Jan Carson (Raptures) and Eithne Shortall (It could never Happen Here) for an evening of reading, interview, lively discussion on literature and all things creative. How can something come from nothing (‘ex nihilo’)? What exactly is creativity? Can we really create from a vacuum? Is this understanding of creativity fundamentally mistaken? And what if any are the alternatives? We explore this and more...

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