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Science & Technology Festival

8th - 15th Nov 2020

Let’s Draw Saturn with Deirdre at the Mayo Science and Technology Festival

Available all day on Thursday the 12th and Sunday the 15th November 2020 as a pre-recorded video.

For this event, Deirdre will include an introduction for the Mayo Science and Technology Festival, a video showing the drawing of the planet Saturn with pastels in detail.

This is how Saturn looks in the sky right now!

While watching and drawing, you will learn lots of information about Saturn and what makes this planet so unique. Then we will check out where Saturn is in the sky during Science Week so you can find it from your garden.

To take part here is a list of materials that would be useful.

  • A3 (16X12 inch) black sugar paper.
  • White paper and a pencil.
  • An old CD or DVD. 
  • Some pastels or some white chalk.

If you only have crayons or chalk or only a pencil and white paper you watch the section on “What if I Only have Crayons ?” , “What if I Only have a Pencil ?”or “What if I only have Chalk ?”.

We look forward to seeing your drawings
Approx. 20 minutes running time and suitable for children aged 10 to 14.

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