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Tips on how to look after your dog during Storm Ellen

Date: 19-08-2020

heck out some useful information from our Dog Warden with regard to looking after your dog during Storm Ellen.

As high winds and heavy rain are forecast for the next 48 hours, during this time please.
• Make sure all dogs are kept on lead when going outside especially at night when being let out before bed.
• Make sure your dog is always wearing a collar bearing a tag with a contact number.
• Make sure all dogs are secured - indoors, in sheds or Kennel runs, do not leave them unattended while outside.

Tips for keeping your Dog calm during the storm.
• Always try to have someone at home.
• Play soft calming music to mask the noises of the storm.
• Offer a safe place for your dog, make them an area that they can retreat to where they can feel safe i.e. a crate with a blanket over it, a cardboard box or under a table with a blanket covering it. Don’t try to coax them out they will come out when they feel safe.
• Provide distractions by playing indoor games with them like tug, fetch or offer a high value chew to keep them occupied.

If your dog goes missing contact:
• The Dog Warden Service on 094 9024444 or
• Report it to your local Gardaí.
• Post on Social Media with a picture and area the dog went missing.
• Contact your local Radio Station.

Prevention is better than losing your precious family pet.

L. Mulligan,
Dog Warden.

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