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Panel Discussion And Film Screening: One Step Ahead Of The Crack/Craic - Na Cailleacha

Date: 22-09-2020

Venue: Ballina Arts Centre.
Time: 3pm
Saturday September 26th

One step ahead of the Crack/Craic - Na Cailleacha

Panel Discussion with Helen Comerford, Barbara Freeman, Patricia Hurl, Maria Levinge, Catherine Marshall, Carole Nelson, Therry Rudin, Gerda Teljeur

The Panel -discussion will include the showing of two short films by Patricia Hurl and Therry Rudin:

'Night, Black to Blue'


'Once Upon a Time'.

Admission is Free. 



About Na Cailleacha

Na Cailleacha is a collective of six visual artists, one jazz musician and a curator/writer who have come together to explore being female, older and hopefully wiser.

Between all, the group collective share over 500 years of experience of being women, artists, of being a curator/writer/historian and a composer .

Na Cailleacha (the Irish word meaning witches or divine hags), will explore what it means to be women who are getting older and arguably becoming invisible and devise strategies to overcome those negatives.


This project is an initiative of Mayo County Council in partnership with the Arts Council of Ireland with support from the Creative Ireland Programme in response to the Creative and Cultural Jobs Stimulus Measure Funding 2020 and Mayo Public Participation Network.

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