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Getting A New Dog - Puppy Checklist

Date: 05-06-2020

The Mayo County Council Dog Warden service have received an increased number of calls in the recent weeks from the public enquiring about getting a new dog or puppy.

Laura Mulligan, Dog Warden advised  ‘This is a very big undertaking for any individual or family and should not be taken lightly. If, after careful consideration, you still would like to get a dog/puppy there is a checklist from the Irish Pet Advertising Advisory Group. This applies to both puppies and dogs. It is also a legal requirement to license all dogs and puppies once they are in your possession. Any dog/pup bought or sold must have a microchip. The microchip should be registered on an approved database and the owner will be issued with a new Certificate of Registration when the old Certificate is filled in on the back with the new details and sent to the database for change of ownership.

You can view the checklist here: Puppy-Checklist-IPAAG-11-10

A dog licence can be purchased from or a local post office.

Mayo County Council promoting responsible dog ownership.

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