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Amendment to the ‘Road Traffic (Special Speed Limits) County Mayo Bye-Laws 2018’

Date: 14-02-2023

In accordance with Section 9 of the Road Traffic Act 2004, for the purpose of maintaining consistency along the improved section of the N26 Swinford to Foxford Road, and in the interest of road safety and efficiency of the road network, an amendment to the ‘Road Traffic (Special Speed Limits) County Mayo Bye-Laws 2018’ has been adopted by Mayo County Council.

The amendment to the Schedule is as follows:

‘National Roads’


1.3  6th Schedule – 80km/h

(Page 111)



Delete paragraph 16:


“16.  The following road between Swinford and Pollsharvoge:

A. The N26 at a point 56m north-west of the L53471 at Lagcurragh, to a point 54m west of the L1329 at Pollsharvoge. (Drg. No. 8030-N26-BL-01).”


The amendment to the Drawings is as follows:

‘National Roads’



Drg. No. 8030-N26-BL-01 Rev. 1


Drg. No. 8030-N26-BL-01 Rev. 2


The specified day upon which the amendment to the bye-laws comes into force is: Monday 20th February 2023.

Paul Dolan
Head of Roads
14th February 2023

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