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2022 National Grant Scheme for Sport and Physical Activity for Older People Now open for Applications.

Date: 20-01-2022

The 2022 National Grant Scheme for Sport and Physical Activity for Older People is now open for applications.

The 2022 National Grant Scheme aims to assist in the implementation of locally developed, well planned initiatives designed to increase participation in recreational sport and physical activity by older people.

Grants are available to all eligible local clubs, groups and organisations that promote increased participation in recreational sport or physical activity for older people as a main element of their activities. Funds permitting, grants awarded will be between €300 and €700* and may be allocated towards the cost of the eligible initiatives outlined on the grant form.

We recognise the impact that Covid 19 has had on older peoples’ participation in sport and physical activity over the last 2 years. Therefore, within this 2022 Grant there are specific allocations aimed at encouraging older people back to sport and physical activity and their clubs. The same impact has been felt by those in care settings (both residential and day care settings) around the country so we are opening up the grant this year to both public and private nursing homes and day care centres.

How to Apply

Email your application to 

If emailing your application form it is not necessary to sign the application or send a hard copy.


Application forms are available to download on our website at the link below, along with more information on who can apply and terms and conditions.The closing date for completed application forms is :

**12 noon on Friday, 25th February 2022**

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