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Mayo Day


The Clans of Mayo

The clans and families associated with Mayo are at the centre of the county’s deep and layered history. Finding out more about them, and about your own roots, is a rewarding and enriching experience.

From our earliest recorded history, groups of people living in Mayo have coalesced together into clans – the story of their development and struggle for supremacy and survival form a rich part of our history and heritage.

The Mayo Library provides an outstanding map which will allow you at a glance to see the names of the clans of Mayo, some information about their origins and where in the county they held sway.

While we can’t provide a genealogy service, we hope the resources here will help you on your journey to find out more about your roots, or just provide you with some interesting information about Mayo, its people, and its history.

Begin your journey at the Mayo County Library and the fantastic resources it provides here.

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