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Virtual St. Patrick's Day 2021

National Museum of Country Life, Turlough House

Only 5 minutes from Castlebar, the award winning National Museum of Ireland hosts a national collection of the story of Irish country life between 1850 and 1950.

The Turlough Estate is perfect for an afternoon stroll with distinctive views including the 19th century Victorian Gothic house, the lake and woodlands and the ruins of the 18th century bowfronted house.

Explore the monastic round tower, thatched cottage and picturesque modern freestanding glasshouse with grass terraces, picnic islands, formal flowerbeds, a croquet lawn and a tennis court. 

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Living in Mayo

National Museum of Country Life St Patrick's Day Customs

Clodagh Doyle, Keeper of the Irish Folklife Division, on some of the history and customs associated with St Patrick's Day.

Living in Mayo

St Patrick’s Day Badge Making

Join Tom Doyle from our Education Team to have a go at making a traditional St. Patrick’s badge from recycled and upcycled materials. These colourful badges were traditionally made and worn by children to honour our patron saint on his feast day and there are many examples of them in the National Folklife Collection.

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