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Keep Mayo Well - Switching Off & Being Creative

Keep Well - Switching Off & Being Creative

Switching off and giving some time to yourself to do the things you enjoy doing is so important in looking after your mental wellbeing. Simple activities like being creative, learning something new, spending time in nature or practising relaxation, can help to restore and revive our spirits and help us to keep ourselves well.

Make a plan

With everything that we all have going on in our lives, be it looking after children, working, managing the home, or caring for elderly relatives it can be really hard to find the time for ourselves. Making a plan that includes this time for self-care can really help with your overall wellbeing. Having a scheduled time dedicated to ourselves will help us to feel more in control and less overwhelmed.

So make sure to carve out some time to engage in an activity that you enjoy and that will allow you to be distracted from what is going on around you.

Check out Mayo online Library where they have  ebooks, audiobooks, newspapers, magazines and online courses – can be accessed with your library card and PIN. Click 'Online Library' on the options menu above for information on how to access our online services. Or you can telephone any of our libraries for information or email them at if you’d like further details.

There is many Things to do in Mayo to help you switch off and giving some time to yourself to do the things you enjoy doing. Or if you like to do some Yoga, then why not check out our Leisure Complex at Lough Lannagh/The Movement Yoga classes which are on youtube to enjoy.

The Design and Crafts Council Ireland YouTube channel has many step-by-step interactive workshops and short video tutorials in their Get Ireland Making Programme.

On this channel you can:

  • draw or paint
  • learn a new song
  • do an online dance class
  • try knitting and sewing
  • cook or bake
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