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Hennigan's Heritage Centre

Henningans Heritage Centre  

This Heritage Centre showcases the traditional way of life in Mayo from the 1870’s right through to 1970.  It highlights the way of farming, house and home and celebration of life. 

In 1990 the owner Tom Hennigan felt that there was no future in farming the ten acres of land.  So he decided to open a small plot of land to the public to tell the story of how is family survived. The farm was maintained by way of preserving and showcasing the rich heritage of Mayo and Ireland it represents. 

For his family, the Centre holds many memories of years spent living and growing up. 

For children visiting, the Centre makes a connection to the past more real and understandable.  For adults, the Centre is a place to share and revisit, to affirm their heritage and to pass it on for others to learn. 

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