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Foxford Woollen Mills

Foxford Woollen Mills  

One of the last working mills in Ireland, Foxford was founded by an Irish Sister of Charity in 1892 and overcame many challenges over the years, in order to survive.  
Foxford works with master craftsman in a working mill that has survived for over one hundred years, and produces some of the world’s finest weaves, using traditions passed down through generations.  

Today, Foxford is a thriving Working Mill and Visitors Centre, employing over 40 people and allowing a tradition spanning thousands of years to survive and flourish. As they have been for generations, Foxford pieces are treasured possessions and welcome gifts, but with the help of award winning Irish Designers like Helen McAlinden, they have been made contemporary and up to date. Foxford pieces are sold not only in Foxford stores around Ireland, but also in selected retailers all over the world, and from January 2011 are available in Foxford's online store. 

Modern Cuisine 

What was once a convent in the late 1800's is now a bustling hive of activity. Thanks to major investment, the bright and airy 5,000 square foot premise is home to a gourmet cafe and restaurant where local ingredients are prepared by Head Chef Kathleen Lally, formerly of the Four Seasons.

Using local produce and home grown herbs, a feast of food is available throughout the day. A collection of homemade jam’s preserves and cakes are available to buy.  

Working Mills Tour 

Today, the Visitor Centre welcomes tens of thousands of guests every year, where at no charge, they enjoy an interactive journey through the past, finishing with a tour of the working mill and an opportunity to watch master craftspeople at work.

With ample parking, full wheelchair facilities and the award winning cafe and restaurant it is an experience to remember. 


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