Mayo: Friendly exchange program in Cleveland, Ohio

Mayo Society of Cleveland

The Mayo Society of Greater Cleveland has a mission to promote business, cultural, charitable, scientific and/or literary exchanges between the people of the United States and the people of Ireland, with particular emphasis on Co Mayo.


  • The society initiated a scholarship program between John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio and students from the National University of Ireland, Galway. These cultural exchanges enrich both the John Carroll and Irish communities by helping prepare students to lead and serve by engaging people in their respective nations.
  • Each year the Mayo Society of Greater Cleveland donates to the maintenance of the Irish Cultural Garden. This Cleveland landmark was commissioned in 1939 as a symbol of the Irish contribution to Cleveland’s cultural diversity. 
  • It also makes contributions to public charities in the US that have a link to Co Mayo, or Ireland, or to public charities in Ireland.  Recipients of donations must qualify as a charitable organisation under US and Irish tax code requirements. 


Under the presidency of Gerry Quinn, the Mayo Society of Greater Cleveland would love to hear from Mayo people in Cleveland.

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