Preparing for Status Orange Weather Warning – 11th October 2018

Posted in Connect on October 11, 2018.

In anticipation of Storm Callum, MET Éireann have issued a Status Orange Weather Warning for Wind, coming into effect for Mayo and surrounding Counties this evening, Thursday 11th October and continuing into tomorrow, Friday 12th  October.

MET Éireann classifies a Status Orange Weather Warning for Wind as Mean Wind Speeds between 65 and 80 km/h with Gusts between 110 and 130 km/h.

It is important that people within the affected area of a weather warning are prepared appropriately for anticipated conditions. There are a number of guidelines that we would advise to follow to help be prepared for such weather conditions:

  • Please remain vigilant and do not travel unless absolutely necessary
  • Where travel is necessary, please exercise extreme caution and be mindful of flying objects in the wind and fallen trees and debris that may be on your route
  • Maintaining control of a vehicle can be difficult so please drive at a careful speed, keep your lights on and be conscious of other travellers you encounter on the road. Where you encounter water on the roads, do not pass through unless it is certain that it is passable.
  • Please secure and pack up any items of garden furniture, toys, trampolines, bikes, bins etc. that are left outside as well removing any previously fallen debris such as branches. Not alone could these items be damaged or cause damage by being carried on the wind, they are also dangerous for people who may be travelling on roads and footpaths should they be blown into their path
  • Ensure exterior household essentials such as gas canisters are securely tied up
  • Where possible, please bring pets indoors or to a secure location. Strong winds be distressing for pets and they are in danger when outside
  • As strong winds can cause disruption to electricity supply, please ensure you have adequate torches with batteries and a fully charged mobile phone in case of emergency

There is a possibility that weather warnings can be extended or deteriorated conditions last longer than anticipated. Once the weather warning has passed, please remain vigilant and exercise extreme caution as debris and fallen trees may be on all routes.

Please continue to check for updates from Mayo County Council and local media who will provide updated information as it becomes available.

Further information from MET Éireann can be found at:

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