LOVE is… staying alive- Don’t hurt the one you love

Posted in Connect on February 13, 2018.

That’s the Valentine’s Day message for the playboys of the western world.

Mayo County Council is taking road safety to heart by sending Valentine’s cards to young male drivers.

The council is delivering cards with a chilling message to men aged between 16 and 25 urging them to keep their girlfriends safe by driving carefully.

When the young person views it, he will find a message saying: “Miss her call.. Don’t let her miss you.”

“Young drivers are often vulnerable to peer pressure and risk-taking, Individuals receiving a card will be encouraged to share it with the one they love and make two promises; to wear a seatbelt and refrain from using their mobile when driving. ” said Road Safety Officer Noel Gibbons, explaining the thinking behind the campaign.

“It is hoped it will drive home the message that more young females die as passengers than as drivers. They often become victims while being driven by their boyfriends.“It’s a sad fact that many people killed in road traffic accidents are car occupants. We want to encourage people to think about the one they love this Valentine’s Day and make a promise so we can reduce road traffic accidents together.”

“​Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for drivers to make a real difference by making these promises to those they love and care about.”

The card will be distributed through Galway Mayo Institute of Technology. The Castlebar campus has students from all over the country, travelling primarily by car to and from home.

Liam Deasy President|Mayo Campus Students’ Union Castlebar said that the campaign could help save lives.

“Our students have the ability to spread this simple message not only in Mayo but also across the country and to their own brothers, sisters, sons and daughters – slow down, take care and be aware of others on the road,” he said.

Despite a  national average reduction in road fatalities, the number of those killed on Co Mayo roads has not decreased in line with the national trend

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