Leprechauns are being called in to help with spike in road collisions

Posted in Connect on March 14, 2019.

With St Patrick’s Day coming, people are gearing up for a weekend of celebrations and recent publication by the Garda shown an increase of 30% in road deaths.

But with it now being a bigger party day than even New Year’s Eve, Leprechaun cut-out selfie boards are being set up all around Mayo to ensure people are safe on the roads.

The idea for the cut-outs is for punters to get their pictures taken as a Leprechaun and share it on social media in the hope people will remember not to risk taking a drink and driving over the busy weekend.

Chairman of Mayo County Council roads strategic policy committee Mr Brendan Mulroy, hopes the selfie boards will resonate and remind motorists of the dangers of driving under the influence.

“It could be your life or the life of another that you save by taking the time to designate a driver.”

Figures over the last five years show that on average, twice as many people are arrested on St Patrick’s Day and the day after for drink driving offences.

A TOTAL OF 54 people have been killed and seriously injured on Irish roads over the St. Patrick’s Day period since 2012 to 2018 .

Noel Gibbons  said they want people to have a good time but don’t want people to drive if drinking.

“Obviously we want everyone to enjoy the festivities that will take place around the country, but please remember that if you are celebrating and consuming alcohol, leave the car behind.”

Mr Martin Jennings, Ballinrobe (Inch’s pub) is one of several bars across the County of Mayo that are teamed up with the road Safety Office to make sure its customers drink responsibly. To get customers engaged in the issue, while still having a good time, the bars have Leprechaun cut-outs set up where customers can get a fun photo while documenting their celebration on social media.

Noel Gibbons also noted that St Patrick’s Day “ranks in the top days as far as deadly holidays go”.

Road Safety Officer Noel Gibbons said “Our numbers are going up, and that is not a trend we want to see.

“We want to see those numbers going down, preferably to zero.”

So if you see a Leprechaun, share a selfie, and never ever drink and drive.

Before drinking, plan ahead

  • If you’re impaired, call a taxi, sober friend/family member or use public transportation.
  • Remember, buzzed driving is drunk driving. If you know people who are about to drive or ride with someone who is impaired, take the driver’s keys and help them make other arrangements to get to their destination safely.
  • Spread the word to your friends and loved ones by posting a picture of you in the leprechauns cut out on social media.

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