Kiltimagh Lady – Mary Diamond revealed as the first leader for Operation Transformation

Posted in Connect on November 23, 2017.

Mary Diamond was today revealed as the first leader for OT season 11 on the Ray D’Arcy Show. Ray was joined in studio earlier by OT expert Aoife Hearne and on the line was Kathryn Thomas, live from Kiltimagh, as together they revealed Mary Diamond as the first leader of Operation Transformation 2018.

On Monday, Ray joined the Operation Transformation team for their assessment day which saw 19 hopefuls put through their paces, emotionally and physically.

Describing the first chosen leader, Kathryn told Ray that you might call her, ‘an absolute gem’.

Mother of three Mary was surprised at home in Kiltimagh when Kathryn popped by. A Montessori teacher and owner, Mary’s main motivation for applying this year was her eldest son Gary who has Down Syndrome, wanting to be the best mother she can be for him.

Speaking to Ray, Mary said that she was more determined than before after coming away on Monday from the assessment day.

“This is really what I need,” she said.

Mary (52) is 13 stone and 2 pounds, and she told Ray that before the weight used to fall off a lot easier, but she thinks maybe she loves the food just a little bit more now than she did before. “I’m a bit worried about the challenges, but I’m in it now, and I’m going with it… I know I’ll have loads of people behind me here in town!”

Mary lives with her husband Joe and their three sons Gary (26), Robbie (24) and Paul (16) in Kiltimagh.

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